Profashion - the fashion aggregator

Shopping for items of fashion no matter whether they are clothes or accessories can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Online shopping has partially solved this problem allowing customers to get access to the entire assortment of the goods offered by a shop rather than being able to view only the goods physically present on the premises of the store.


Investment: 51%
Country: Poland
Possible start: Q1 2023

The investment will be carried out with our other partner - Clobber (49%). Extensive experience in the fashion segment allows us to trust in this project.

A revolutionary fashion aggregator such as Profashion has taken this task to a new level tracking millions of offers from various shops specialising in fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and even pieces of décor. This creates immense opportunities for both customers longing even for more fashion and for local shops offering their goods.

Profashion can easily connect clients with the shops they are interested in. The latter can benefit from using an additional delivery channel a lot, while customers will get access to the best deals collected in the same place. Just as easy as it is to shop in large online stores, it is simple to purchase goods through Profashion. Still, Profashion does not limit your shopping opportunities exclusively by the offer of a single shop. With this platform, you can literally shop in several stores at the same time without leaving your house!

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